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Zhida configuring its gear measuring center utilizing 4-axis(φ、X、Y、Z) structure, computerized numerical control(CNC), full-closed control, Windows application software including all evaluation standard(ISO, GB, DIN, JIS, AGMA etc.). With abundant experience on gear measuring technology and decades of experience on using gear measuring center, Zhida will provide high-reliable, more befitting cost performance gear measuring center for our customers.

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JC25 testers utilize the traditional measuring theory that using the single plate and ruler to generate the involute and helix curve in machinery to realize the gear’s measuring by manual operation. JC25 testers’ configuration include high-resolution rotary encoders and linear encoder, universal computer to perform data acquisition and error evaluation including all gear evaluation standard, universal printer to print measuring result.
JC25 testers are widely used in the automobile and motorcycle manufacture factory that have less type of gear but mass production, for its advantages like inexpensive price, simple and convenient operation, high accuracy and reliability etc.

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The testers utilize the most convenient installation method of middle position measuring cell distribution. Precision ball bearing multi-row shafting, general microcomputer numerical control, PANASONIC digital servo motor drive and RENISHAW grating are applied in the gear testers.The gear testers completely upgrade the traditional conception of double flank rolling gear tester. The massive gears’check, data analysis, quality classification, production-site gear examination and maintenance, and error analysis can all be separately completed by the testers.

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ZF series fully automatic gear sorting machines are developed based on double flank rolling gear tester. It utilizes gantry robot and chain sprocket as transport mechanism for feeding and discharging workpiece, marking defective tooth automatically. It is a new type of intelligent comprehensive gear measuring instrument, which determining if the gear is acceptable. Our instrument can measure and sort batches of gears, which reduces lots of manual work, realizes measuring gears in batch with highly automated.

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